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Gdańsk Airport

33min to Festival grounds DETAILS If you need assistance with flights, hotels, and any type of transportation. Contact our assistance service dedicated for you.

Driving Directions

For your itinerary planning. This website will show you the full route from your location to the destination with possible connections. DETAILS

Public Transportation

You can buy tickets at the tickets machine located on multiple tram stops (payment by both cash and cards) or at the local press kiosks or grocery stores. DETAILS


TSB Festival 2023 Shuttle System will provide Shuttle Pass holders with roundtrip transportation between Hampton by Hilton Gdańsk Old Town and the Festival Grounds for all 2-Days. This is recommended for those with accommodations in Gdańsk.


Need a Taxi ride to TSB Festival? (not associated with TSB Festival)
  • Hallo Taxi Gdańsk phone: +48 58 19 666
  • City Taxi Drivers Tanie Taxi phone: +48 881 344 886
  • Neptun Taxi phone: 800 170 700 / +48 58 19 686
  • AS Taxi phone: +48 58 302 23 03 

Car Rentals

For local travels within the city of Gdańsk and neighborhood, you can use car rental service (per minutes) by DETAILS
It is a perfect alternative for a taxi, with similar price range to popular services like Bolt or Uber.

For a long distance travel, you can use AVIS car rental company DETAILS


There are convenient camping spots for all Trapeton Summer Bash 2023 attendees in close proximity to the Festival! We recommend 2 places in close proximity to the festival area:


Car Camping

In both recommended camping areas you can increase your comfort by using car camping.


Tents Camping

Ideal for international travellers without cars or those who care for a vehicle-free environment.
Campsites close to the festival grounds can be found at both Camping Stogi No. 218 and Camping przy Wydmach.

Comfortable houses


The cottages at the campsites will allow festival guests to live in furnished rooms and enjoy all the comforts of home.

Featured Hotels

Explore the wide variety of hotels we recommend in Gdańsk

Gdańsk Old Town

Hampton by Hilton ***

This casual old town hotel is surrounded by traditional buildings, shops and restaurants. It is a 3-minute walk from the famous Neptune Fountain sculpture and 15 walk from Gdańsk Główny railway station. The hotel is located 20 min (10,7 km) from Stogi beach. BOOK  

Stogi Beach Gdańsk

Hotel Galion ***

Hotel Galion is located in Gdańsk, just 15 minutes from the center, a quiet coastal district, at the mouth of the Śmiała Wisła in the Gdańsk Bay. The hotel is located 16 min (8.4 km) from Stogi beach. BOOK

At the festival grounds

Hotel Przy Wydmach

Hotel Przy Wydmach is located in the festival grounds. The rooms are a great alternative to hotel accommodation near the festival. In the hotel area you will find a wide range of accommodation for the festival fans for short and long-term stays. BOOK


Once you enter Trapeton Festival area you may never want to leave, that’s why we recommend you to check Gdańsk city as well. What to see in Gdańsk: 12 breath-taking places for a 2-day getaway.

Gdańsk City

Gdańsk port city

Gdansk is undoubtedly one of the most precious jewels in Poland. As a traveller, you will be caught between its historical importance linked to the port and World War II; and its vibrant present linked to tourism exploitation and the commercial vibe. There is a lot to see and experience in Gdańsk: the best Polish traditional restaurants offer you excellent food and in the many bars you can turn night into a day… There are no limits!

Gdańsk City

Green Gate

Is it a better way to enter this city than through one of the most beautiful gates in the country? The Green Gate is one of the most important tourist attractions in Gdańsk. Next to the Motława River and in Mannerist style, stands this beautiful building and its four arches, which were inspired by the City Hall of Antwerp, Belgium.

Gdańsk City

Museum of the II World War

Whether or not you are passionate about history, you will know that Poland has been one of the most important – and also one of the most punished – countries in that dark stage. For this reason, we recommend you visit II World War Museum that exposes the horrors of war and the Holocaust.

Gdańsk City

Long Market

From here, the facades that you will see will make you understand that this was the area where the richest citizens of the Royal City of Gdansk lived. And they had a privileged box to see executions of witches, heretics and criminals … All that happened in this square, can you believe?

Gdańsk City

Neptune Fountain

In a city that embraces the sea, how could a tribute to the god Neptune be missing? You will not be shocked by its size or large ornaments and perhaps that is its charm, because you have to get closer to it to find its essence. And if you get close enough, you will hear the legend that will whisper to you, that Neptune contributed to the invention of “Goldwasser” (the famous Gdansk liquor).

Gdańsk City


Right in front of the Neptune Fountain, you will find an elegant building that formerly served as a meeting place for merchants and a center of social life. Today, in addition to being a point of tourist interest, it is a branch of the Gdansk Museum of History.

Gdańsk City


From the Courts of Artus, behind the buildings, you will soon recognize the peaks of the largest brick church in Europe. The “Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, which is its official name, required 159 years of construction and its interior can accommodate 20 thousand people.

Gdańsk City


Here you will find a great gastronomic variety of food: from Neapolitan pizza, to international chains, obviously passing through restaurants that offer typical Polish dishes.
Taking a walk on the Long Lane you can notice beautiful House of Uphagen, which facades are a spectacular addition to this magical street.

Gdańsk City


Golden Gate was built between 1612 and 1614 on what was a 13th century Gothic gate. From then on, together with the Brama Wyżynna building and the Wieża Więzienna tower it is a prominent part of the old city fortifications.

Gdańsk City


End your first day in Gdansk by watching a romantic sunset from the Bread Bridge, which spans the Radun Canal and connects Kowalska with Korzenna Streets. It is also known as the „Bridge of Lovers”, like some other bridges in the world, this one is also stuffed with padlocks that seal a love stories… It seems that there is no room for a pin and yet there you will see a couple making a place for themselves in this collective testimony of love.

Gdańsk City


It is an open-air museum facing the Baltic Sea that recalls one of the historical episodes that changed the world: there began the Second World War. Big square center with Westerplatte Monument in the middle pays tribute to the fort of 200 Poles who endured no more and no less than seven days the mighty German offensive of 1,500 soldiers.

Gdańsk City


The history of this wonderful green space began to be written with the arrival of the Cistercian Order in the year 1186 in the area of the Oliwa stream. Over time, monastery buildings and surroundings were erected in the form of gardens, alleys, meadows and ponds, many of which persist today in their original form.