Dear Trapeton fans,

For days, we have been looking at your messages and comments, and we share and understand your frustrations. We are very sorry that we have postponed the Holiday Festival “Trapeton Summer Bash Poland 2022“. As we have announced before, due to the war in Ukraine, many of our artists and international Fans were afraid to come to Poland, as many news talks about Poland being invaded and this caused a lot of panic among the artists and their Agents. Also, seeing all the invasions of emigrants in Poland, we feel that we should not make a festival in the middle of a situation like this. We also have to be honest with you and let you know that, as soon as the war started, ticket sales stopped. We had a lot of doubts about what was going to happen since every day the situation was more and more serious. After many meetings, with the city, and our local team, we have come to the conclusion that we need to postpone the festival TSB22, also for the reason since we had been suffering very large economic losses due to the cancellations of our past events in all of Europe due to COVID. It is not easy for us too, every time we postpone and cancel an event, for reasons like this, we lose a lot of money due to these disasters that have been happening since 2020.

About the refund situation. As some of you may know, we have chosen the company Festicket & Event Genius as the exclusive ticketing partner for our 2022 festival, considering that this is the most important company worldwide, as a provider of tickets and packages for festivals.

For several months we have had many meetings with the Directors of Festicket & Event Genius, trying to solve the problem of the refund, since we did not know and we wanted to understand, why even some of our ticket buyers for the postponed festival TSB22, did not I received the refund in the indicated time. After many unsuccessful calls, conferences, and meetings with the directors of Festicket & Event Genius, we have publicly received the bad news that Festicket & Event Genius had collapsed administratively and that the company Stripe, which manages money for online payments, had blocked all the assets of Festicket, according to the news on the internet and in all music magazines worldwide. This explains why many of our fans did not receive the money until today. It seems likely that the disruption caused by the COVID pandemic and resulting shutdown of live music ultimately proved too challenging for Festicket’s broader business…

On 09.13.2022 at 19:10 we received an informative email from the American company – the platform that allows event promoters to manage ticket reservations and informed us about the collapse of Festicket & Event Genius and about the agreement in which they came with Festicket & Event Genius to take responsibility for paying promoters what they are owed; in which we are in contact with the commercial directors of this company to see what solutions we have.

You can find more information about this situation on Google, by typing: Lyte buys Event Genius assets following Festicket falling into administration“. 

We do not want you to continue waiting, wondering what will happen with my money. Here is our proposal for you. See our solutions below

Solution and option to choose for TSB ticket buyers

1. Ticket buyers who receive only part of the refund:

If buying a ticket for any of our future national and international events, we will deduct the remaining amount that you did not receive from your refund

2. Fans who did not receive the full refund until today:

The ticket remains valid for the next edition of TSB or you can change it for any of our future national and international events.

3. Fans who bought a ticket for the MALUMA concert which is due to take place on 02.26.2022 at Tauron Arena and was canceled due to COVID regulations.

They will receive a 10% reduction for any of our future national and international MALUMA Live concert on the price of the ticket

NOTA: If we are able to get Lyte to refund money owed to you and us, prior to announcing any of our upcoming events, any of these options will be not valid.

About the process of how this will work. As soon as we announce our next events, we will contact each of you to begin the process. 

We appreciate your understanding and support.