One of the festival’s main objectives is to bring ourselves together to get people united with a clear conscience of respect to each diverse culture while empowering the importance of freedom. A pledge to make an impactful festival with great artists, activists, and musicians and start a renaissance to create an atmosphere of relaxation fraternity with the purpose to leave an unforgettable experience in the spectator’s mind.  


The Village

Delicious food, traditional drinks and relaxing music options at your convenience. Meet new people and relax in a comfortable environment at Trapeton’s Village.


Food & Drink

Enjoy delicious Latin specialties from food chefs all around the world. There will be various food to choose from, like the famous Latin empanadas, delicious tacos, hot dogs, roast beef fries, burgers and refreshing cocktails. More info coming soon


Samba Shows

Let’s Samba at Trapeton! To start this Latin festival the right way, one of Brazil’s most successful Samba dance crews will show everyone at Trapeton their country’s contribution to Latin dance culture by bringing Brazilian Carnival vibes to Gdansk for the first time.

It is safe to say that no fan of Latin music will be able to stand still after this high-class prelude. Even the ones that were just there to listen to the star-studded line-up can pick up some moves from some of the best Samba dancers from Brazil.



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Latin Market

From all over Europe, Latin artisans are already prepared to travel to Gdansk and establish their Tenst of Latin American crafts. More info coming soon

We commit to….

Community Care

The festival will provide a mentor-led designed to support any discussions of issues affecting communities that can lead to actionable dialogue and make a change even after the festival and  

reinforce the importance of empowering all cultures, including people of color. Forming a transformative justice inspired harassment prevention program.

We commit to….

Economic Opportunity

Establish sustainable and measurable hiring and contracting current and future owned business to grow and develop our vendor procurement strategy thus creating a more diverse and well-rounded production workforce at our festivals.

We commit to….

Staff Culture

Develop long-term relationships with schools, programs, and collectives that focus on youth career development and create recruitment pipelines for current and future candidates by building relationships with workforce preparedness groups, trade schools, colleges, and universities.


For Our Planet

The everyday decisions we make impact our planet and the environment ecosystems, whether it’s driving a car, using a plastic water bottle, or simply throwing away trash– it all adds up in the global carbon calculator.

In 2022, Trapeton will build off its environmental initiatives and launch new strategies to account for our emissions, save water, and divert waste. More info coming soon.


Our Part

  • Speak up about the impacts of climate change
  • Adopt the principles of a circular economy
  • Minimize single-use plastics
  • Donate all unwanted goods to local community partners
  • Work with partners & vendors who support our initiatives
  • Educate our employees & friends
  • Share best practices


Your Part

  • Minimal footprint: carpool, camp, ride a shuttle, and bring a reusable bottle.
  • Please follow the signage on our recycling and compost bins to properly dispose of waste.
  • Leave no trace!
  • Be creative and reuse the clothes you already have in your closet
  • Join Explore Trapeton on Instagram to earn rewards by completing eco-challenges