That's the plan!

You should definitely plan to arrive several hours early to be on the safe side. Please be prepared for significant delays if you choose to disobey all signage and staff.

Please visit our contact page and ask “Press/Media Inquiries”.

No. The TSB23 trademarks, intellectual property, passes and wristbands may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose. Our official festival sponsors do so with the express permission of the festival organizers.

Yes. Set times will be posted on the TSB23 Newsletter and website a couple of days before the festival.

See the Rules page in our Web menu.

No. Anyway, marketing is totally overrated, and you should be trying to use less paper.

Line Up

YES, we still have some more to be confirmed.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the line up will remain the same. Artists availability depends on the tour period and logistics aspects. We will try to secure the same lineup of the Festival and add more amazing artists.

By purchasing a ticket for our 2023 event you agree to the terms & conditions. For the full terms & conditions please visit www.trapeton.pl and click on the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of the page. Remember that the festival ticket includes several musical performances. You buy a ticket for an event lasting several hours with an extensive program, not for a single concert by a selected artist. Please consider your purchase carefully.

Passes & Waitlist

If the festival is postponed or cancelled your festival passes will automatically be honored at the rescheduled date. Should you be unable to attend the new date, refunds will be offered within 30 days of the announced rescheduled date. If the festival is canceled, your festival passes will be refunded directly through our ticket vendors. We cannot verify the policies of any third-party ticket resellers.

No. A Festival Pass is a single wristband that is worn for the entire weekend.

Presale pricing is the best price guaranteed. Otherwise, they are the same passes.

Yes :-)


Contact eventim via info@eventim.pl our info@trapeton.ch.

Waitlist gives you the opportunity to have first access to the pre-sales of tickets. Presale is the best price guaranteed.

Unfortunately we cannot quarantine the same tickets prices. Taking into consideration current world wide situation we will try to adapt any potential changes in the minimal way to provide the best ticket prices for everyone.

What Can I Bring?

Check the Rules Page for information on allowed items. https://trapeton.pl/rules/

Food & Drink

Yes, within the enclosure you will find several stands with a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free food for celiacs.

No, it is not allowed to enter the festival with cutlery or kitchen utensils as they can be dangerous for the integrity of the attendees.

No, you cannot enter food or drink from outside, but inside you will find all kinds of stands with a great variety of food and drink so you can have a great day.

Food Vending: Please visit our contact page and ask “Food Vending.”


The event is decidated for everyone above 4 years old. - Attendees above 18 years old can enter Festival area without additional permission - Attendees between 15-17 years old can attend the event with signed permission by parents or legal guardiants (without obligatory assistant of the guardian). At the entrance the atendee needs to present written permission with photocopies of the IDs (minor’s and guardian’s). - Minors under 15 years old are allowed to attend the Festival only under supervision of the legal guardian. Minor and guardian should present at the entrance written permission with photocopies of the IDs (minor’s and guardian’s). - Kids between 4 years old are not allowed on the festiwal venue.

As the law indicates, minors under 15 must be accompanied at all times by their parents or an adult authorized by them. If security sees a minor under 15 without their companion, they will be expelled from the premises immediately and will not be able to access again.

The supply of alcoholic beverages to minors is totally prohibited. For this, minors will be duly identified at the entrance and alcohol will not be served in any of the bars. If we find a minor in a state of intoxication or drug intoxication, he will be expelled from the premises and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities.

No, only those over 18 years of age can access the VIP area.

You can print the authorization in the "TICKETS" section on our official website. You must fill out and deliver the authorization along with the photocopy of the ID / PASSPORT of both of the parents/ legal guarians of the minor to access the festival site. The guardian is responsible for all the minor's acts. Likewise, both the minor and the accompanying legal guardian must present a document that identifies them (ID, Family Book, Passport).

Yes, if you are between 15-17 years old you need to provide written permission signed by your parents/legal guardians that allowes you to participate in the festiwal. The permission needs to be presented at the entrance together with the photocopy of the ID/Passport of your guardian’s and you.

One guardian can have under his supervision maximum of 4 children/teenagers. Separate documents must be submitted for each of the participant at the entrance to the festival venue together with photocopies of ID/Passports